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Main » 2012 » March » 3 » Download Counter-Strike v.1.6 (Version Pack 4) (531 МB)
4:17 PM
Download Counter-Strike v.1.6 (Version Pack 4) (531 МB)
Old version Counter-Strike 1.6 V.35  Download here: http://depositfiles.com/files/x4py0u9vw

Game: Counter-Strike v.1.6 
Building Games: CS-REDEMAX System 
Developer:   Barking Dog Studios, Valve 
Language: Russian Multiplayer: (32) LAN, Internet 
Release Date of this version:02/01/10 
Mods: Non-Steam, SOP (LE), CZ, VPmod 
Genres: Action (Tactical / Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / TC / MOD.
System Requirements:  800 MHz processor, 128 + MB RAM, 512 + MB video card, Windows 2000 / XP / Vista SP2/Seven, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection. Page updates:

Verify.  On the game: Counter-Strike v.1.6 (Pack Version 4) - This new series builds continuing Version Pack. In this series, all the imaging and the effects are more realistic and beautiful.Added different modes for both  multiplayer and single player. Pack Version 4 uses a new engine patch and Condition-Zero, which increases the functionality of the game.

Counter-Strike v.1.6 (Version Pack 4)
Counter-Strike 1.6
Also in the assembly of a fully updated panel (CSR Panel System), the interface became more familiar and understandable for any computer user. It is made ​​in the style of VISTA, c  
 menus and prompts the purpose of each section and subsection, so that even going into the folder, you'll know its purpose.  
Using the Control Panel, you can install the update patches and fashion, without wasting precious time looking on the Internet. Includes a number of programs required not only for advanced users, but novice users to, ready to know the new and improved their knowledge in CS.

The game went to a whole new level through the single player mode, where you can build your own career, performing in her various jobs, which is very good for beginners who want to practice, and even for good players who have no connection to the Internet but you need to keep in shape.

Counter-Strike v.1.6 (Version Pack 4)

Scripts :

XTCS1.6, ALL-CS 1.6, etc. - They do not support scripting, unless further. 

Pack Version 4 - The latest Module Script of Pad 2.0, but with the great support of all scripts simultaneously. Also, the package script moves to the level modFX A (Ability to join the game via an external control). And of course, easy and quick setup games. 

Control Panel : 

XTCS1.6, ALL-CS, and so 6/1. etc. - In which it does not smell. 

Pack Version 4 - Control Panel, version 2.0, 2010. In Control Panel, you can: 
- Change the patch, without loss of settings (switch from 47 to 48 minutes, and vice versa.) 
- Removal of debris 
- Create a backup of all settings. 
- Restore all the settings 
- switch MasterServers 
- Utility on the similarity of anti-cheat, (creates a copy of *. exe files, format, *. exekis, because this can save the game from, viruses in a series of Worms, Hidden (devouring *. exe files.) 
- Removing opengl32.dll reader 
- Edit all important cfg files, with support tips. 
- Run a variety of built-in programs 
- Putting models of packages for lovers of classical music: Classical, HLTV (No animation) For fans of the new: VP4 Source and VP4 Classic model. 

Bots : 

XTCS1.6, ALL-CS 6/1 and so on. etc. - have bots, ZBot 05.01 
Pack Version 4 - have bots, RCZbot 1.1 + Do not need to enter bot_add 

Ready Server : 

XTCS1.6, ALL-CS 06.01, and so on. etc. - there is a ready server, well, not all, there is only a new, ALL-CS1.6, CS1.6PAUK itp 
Version Pack 4 - no such support and there is no ready-made servers. (to protect the game from breaking) 

Modes : 

XTCS1.6, ALL-CS 06/01 and so on. etc. - there are no similar, except for the assembly CS1.6 PAUK (Support XP, VISTA) 
Pack Version 4 - is, even three modes, boots, boots with plug-ins, and online. + 3 mode without add-ons 
Support (XP, VISTA, SEVEN)

Update 1.4 :

 So much for global update:  Download

  - Updated system to CSR Panel System modFx [BETA] 
  - Update to version v. assembly. 
  - Added new utilities for the Control Panel 
  - Updated Fashion Glow 
  - Added section on CSR Blog 
  - Added module B-Version (BETA) 
  - Utility AntiHIdden (virus protection) 
  - Add the base of the WAD files 
  - Reduces the potential problems in your career 
  - Updated module assembly to Version 5.3 
  - Updated IP to build version 2.5 
  - updated package models 
  - Added the CSR Website

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